quarta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2013

Back to Studies \ ^ w ^/

I really need to go back to my language studies = w = but sometimes the laziness speaks loooooouder X,DDDD So , now havent excuses ,  until i have a job at least( but not the most easiest thing search a job while i just finished my high school ^^" , maybe when i start my technical course more easy ^_^ and when i finish all my studies of course ^_______^ ) . In my opinion , lose your time while you can do something
useful for your life that give knowledge is a error, improve my english is very essential and try study hunagrian language too ^^" . 
Ok ^_^ i must not lose my hopes > w < Hungarian language is HARD but dedication can change everythings right ? ^__^ i know that at least until ALL intermediary  level i can learn > w < and time by time im understanding more :3
Im wantting to go back to study japanese language , the only hard thing  is memorize the kanjis but, althoug this, japanese is easy for me ^ w ^ ( i learned the two japanese alphabets , hiragana and katakana, .. in 2010 ^-^ , and until today i not forget it ) I wanna learn czech , french and russian language too but this is other history > w < ... First i must know the essential languages ^-^

           ^__^ Im happy for time by time the things bettering #^__^#

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