terça-feira, 17 de setembro de 2013


Hello \\^  u ^//
I'm so anxious for my first lesson *U* *U* Today start the lessons in my new  computer's graphics course *^* I'm happy for have found a course with quality, because (at least here where I live ) isn't a easy thing find a serious computer's graphics course, I mean, there are many of great CG courses but it is veeeeeeery expensive =_= I don't want see my parents  paying too much for a course to me  by month, never, because i know whenever I am/ will be I can improve my skills learning in home with my computer and having a great Portfolio as well ^ u ^  And my course is enough and very good ^^
 It all depends  of degree of seriousness of my course Now and Im pretty CONFIDENT *u* I'm sure that is a serious course, I'm gonna learn many of things, important cg things ^ u ^ I know the years go by and the tecnology grow more and more, that's the why in future future when everything be calmer to me i want learn more ^ - ^

Hope I have a nice day *U*
byeee ~ ^ o ^

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